Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ceramics Final Project

 2 page paper about an artist of your choice who works in 3D. Paper is double spaced, listing all sources. Research the artist’s background and their body of work. What are they known for, their training, what medium do they work in, what are their influences…? Please bring in at least one full color image of their work to show the class so everyone leaves learning something about each student’s subject. No use of Wikipedia and no plagiarism of any kind.

PART 2 GROUP PROJECT Students will choose a group to work with which could be their entire table or you could switch things up as long as you have a total of 3 people in your group. As a class, we will choose a topic and then each group will create a set of pieces that explores a sub category of that topic. For example, if the class votes on ZOO as the topic, one group could choose arctic animals, another could choose reptiles, another insects etc… Your work should include some kind of environment for your subjects to inhabit.

These two topics are independent of one another and do not need to relate in any way.  Papers need to be typed and ready to be handed in at the time of presentation.  Late papers (or emailed papers) will not be accepted.

Group project-50% of final project grade Paper-40% of final project grade Presentation-10% of final project grade FINAL PROJECT IS 20% OF YOUR FINAL GRADE HAVE FUN WITH THIS PROJECT!

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