Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advanced Art final

What is art? An often difficult question to answer, especially in contemporary work. Look at the following three artists and choose two pieces of each of their work. Louise Nevelson, Bridget Riley and Elizabeth Murray. Make a color copy of the pieces (6 total) or find a color copy in a publication and bring them for your presentation.
Choose the element and principle that you feel is best represented by each artist in their work and describe how they have utilized them in their work. (no repeats, asign two to each artist) Do you see meaning or value in these artists' work? What is is it? What do you respond to and why? Base your opinions on facts, not subjective likes and dislikes.
Have fun!

Final will be 20% of your final grade.  Typed papers and images must be printed and ready to hand it at the time of presentation.  No late papers or emailed papers will be accepted.  Do not wait until the last minute to avoid the printer running out of ink or breaking etc...

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