Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cover design

Building on knowledge from Create An Ad, we are going to continue the exploration of images and text working together.
Re-design a cover of either an existing book, comic book, graphic novel, or video game cover.  The image needs to include a foreground, middleground and background to create depth in the image.  A title and your name as either author/artist/designer name needs to be included.  Choose appropriate sized typeface in both style and color that enhances your image.  On the back of the image list the 7 elements of art and insure that you have employed each is some area of your image.  The focus of your design should be based on the principle of balance. 
Begin by creating at least 5 different thumbnail sketches.  The medium is your choice but needs to include some color beyond black and white up to full color.  minimum size is 10 x 15 but can be larger if you choose.  

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