Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Design Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a multi-disciplinary field of design. “What is Industrial Design?” is a somewhat broad question because industrial design may include a number of different sub-divisions of design. These sub-categories of industrial design may include furniture design, packaging design, car design, product design, lighting design, and a whole number of other types of jobs in applied three-dimensional arts.

Industrial design specifically differentiates itself from these other specific types of design by focussing on the industrialized process. For the most part, everything that an industrial designer creates is intended to be mass produced. Inherent in the design of the object is the design of the process in which the object is made. The question What is Industrial Design ? can have many answers because industrial design overall is focussed on the process by which things are produced, more so then producing a specific item.

Industrial Design Definition
Industrial design is a field that blends together art and engineering with the general goal of creating an object for production. Industrial Design differs from the field of Product Design in that industrial design focusses around objects of industry. Industrial design is a multi-disciplinary field that involves many other aspects of design including graphic design, packaging, furniture, and many more.

Industrial design basically combines applied art and applied science with solid business acumen to create and design a product that is functional, useable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

History of Industrial Design
To fully understand what is industrial design, it is important to know the origins of the industry. Industrial design really got its start at the beginning of the twentieth century. Along with growth in technology and the industrialization of the Western world’s manufacturing capabilities, came a need for someone to engineer this process. The phrase “industrial design” was first conceived of by the New Zealand based Joseph Claude Sinel in 1919. In the early days of industrial design, the role of the industrial designer was to merge mass-market production techniques with the skills of traditional craftsmanship.

What is Industrial Design Used For?
The industrial design process is essentially applied to every product that is manufactured and used by consumers. It takes the idea for a new product from the concept stage, through design and refinement to actual production of the final product. The overall aim of industrial design is to basically ensure that a product functions well and does the job required, has an attractive appearance, and is appealing to customers so that it sells. Industrial designers work in a huge number of product categories, with most specializing in a particular field of work. This can range from household appliances to technology devices, furniture, toys, automobiles, tools and a host of other categories.

Students will choose one of three categories: Interior, furniture or product design.  Step one is to find an existing product/space.  Begin sketching ways to improve in both function and form.  

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