Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SENIORS- Advanced Art final project


final projects will be presented during the exam block

Write a 2 page double spaced paper (plus a works cited page) on an artist of your choice. the artist you choose must be of a different race and gender than yourself. the artist must be approved by mr. p before you begin. Part two of this project is to also create a color image representing what you think that artist’s work might have looked like if they were living in today’s 21st century world. The image needs to be 11 x 14 or larger.

There are many qualities you could choose to focus on such as subject matter, scale, medium, color choices/use of color, stylistic choices, meaning/intent… Analize what the artist is trying to accomplish and how they do so. For instance, why did Monet use the colors he did? there are very specific reasons for this which would require research and understanding of the artists’ work.

Presentations during the exam block will be brief but should present to the class as though no one has any prior knowledge of the artists. You do not have to read the paper but give a well thought through synopsis along with the image. You will likely be asked some basic questions as well so make sure you know your topic. This project counts for 20% of your grade!

Please be sure not to plagiarize in any way as it will result in a zero!!

presentation 10%
artwork 50%
paper 40%

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