Thursday, January 23, 2014

Design-graphic design. Read and respond for Monday

Please read the links above and answer the following questions:

What is kerning?
What is the difference between serif and San serif fonts?
What is point size?
What is a baseline and why is it important?


  1. 1. to reduce the amount of space between letter pairs
    2.serifs have small strokes at the ends of each letter and san serifs don't
    3.the size of the font
    4. the invisible line on which the letters sit. all of the letters of the font are on this line

  2. 1. The ability to either shorten the distance between characters because they're good pals or to make them farther away because they're mortal enemies.
    2. San Serifs have No little lines at the ends. The Serifs do have little lines that make it easier to read from one letter to the next.
    3. Each point is 1/72 of an inch and is used for the sizes of font you wanna use and what not.
    4.That line that's on white lined paper and its where you write your words except when its on a computer its invisible cause there aren't any.