Monday, May 13, 2013

Drawing and Painting Self-portrait final




Write a 2 page double spaced paper on an artist of your choice. Please include a works cited page as well. Your artist must be approved by Mr. P before you begin. The artist must be one who created/creates self-portraits and can be from any era and work with any painting medium (pastels, oils, acrylics…) as long as they have contributed to the art world in a significant way. (Please avoid writing a paper about an uncle who likes to paint etc…)
There are many qualities you could choose to focus on such as how subject matter is presented, scale, medium, color choices/use of color, time eras, stylistic choices, meaning/intent… Analyze what the artist is trying to accomplish h and how they do so. (for instance, why did Monet use the colors he did?) There are very specific reasons for this which would require research and understanding of the artists’ work.

Part two of this project is to create a full color 9 x 12 self-portrait that is both a likeness of yourself in some way and that represents the artist’s stylistic approach. Do not replicate a piece, but create your own based on the artist’s body of work. The medium is up to you.

Presentations during the exam block will be brief but should present to the class as though no one has any prior knowledge of the artists. You do not have to read the paper but give a well thought through synopsis along with the image. You will likely be asked some basic questions as well so make sure you know your topic. This project counts for 20% of your grade!

Please be sure not to plagiarize in any way as it will result in a zero!! Please be careful not to cut and paste or re-word from any web site or book.

We will have time to research, so choose a subject you can have fun with!
some suggestions for painters:
wayne thiebaud jim dine paul gaugin chuck close
robert rauschenberg marc franz paul klee umberto boccioni

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