Thursday, March 21, 2013


MS3D PURCELL If you were given an unlimited budget and your client (in this case Frontier Regional School) wanted the art rooms redesigned to be practical and comfortable, what would you do? The other condition is that your design must be Frank Lloyd Wright influenced and be based on his architectural philosophy. Make two lists to begin: 1. Practical items that you must include in the spaces such as a kiln for the ceramics room 2. What qualities would you like the art rooms to have in order to be most effective, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Begin a sketch of the interior spaces. Consider a few things: Each room needs space to hold at least 25 students What materials will you use? Colors? Light? What are the limitations of the current space as well as it’s potential? Safety We will construct a 3D version of your sketch primarily using chipboard, foam core, and colored papers. Remember to include as many elements of FLW’s work as you can based on your reading and dvd viewing.

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