Monday, January 23, 2012


Pop Art class will focus on various facets of popular culture- visual art (comic books/video games/contemporary art/pop art), music, sports, television/film, politics, current events.

Students will be given a variety of assignments that deal with issues in popular culture. Each student will create their own blog to create solutions for assignments which will deal with both writing and imagery. Students will be asked to explore new ground as well as apply their own interests to assignments. We will create designs/logo for an imaginary sports team (perhaps from an imaginary sport?!), a portrait of a politician that delivers a message/point of view without the use of any text, a p.s.a. based on a current event, storyboards for a movie trailer or commercial, a comic book page that tells a story through the use of sequential art, character design for a video game as well as studying a figure from the Pop Art movement itself.

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